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This website offers physicians an educational platform with the most recent tools and information on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Every day, at Abbott, we keep on shaping the future of heart health by engaging all stakeholders and covering all aspects of the cardiovascular care continuum.


From Disease Diagnosis to patient follow-up. Find out Guidelines, Educational materials, Clinical Evidence useful in your daily medical practice.

Heart failure management

Do you have heart failure patients who are missing out on the things they used to do? Find out more about the diagnosis, management and treatment options for (advanced) heart failure.


From stroke diagnosis to patient management. Find out Guidelines, Clinical Evidence, congress presentations to support your daily medical practice.



COAPT Clinical Trial outcomes

Make sure you are aware about the latest data on transcatheter mitral valve repair in patients with heart failure from the COAPT trial showing significant benefits in mortality, heart failure hospitalization and quality of life.

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