ESC Webinar 2022

Mitral valve regurgitation management: what is new?

Hosts: M. Metra (Brescia, IT) , P. Lancellotti (Liege, BE)
Speakers: R. Von Bardeleben (Mainz, DE) , F. Praz (Bern, CH) , F. Beyersdorf (Freiburg, DE)

Learning objectives:

  • Recent guidelines and data on mitral valve regurgitation management contained in the 2020 ACC Guidelines and in the 2021 SMR HF paper signed by the HFA/EHRA/EACVI/EAPCI
  • new 2021 ESC/EACTS/HF Guidelines for Management of Valvular Heart Disease as indicated in RCTs and registries
  • meta-analysis outcomes evaluating the EVEREST/COAPT/MITRA-FR randomised clinical trials that support indications in the guidelines

The content in the sessions represents the opinions of the participants and contributors to the symposium. Statements or clinical cases presented or discussed reflect the clinical judgement of the physicians. As a consequence, Abbott accepts no responsibility for the consequences of any such inaccurate or misleading data or statements. Neither does Abbott endorse the content or the use of a device in a way that lies outside its current licensed application in any territory.

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